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You may recall Square Enix’s announcement of the Marvel’s Avengers game earlier this year, set to come out in May 2020. But there’s more to the story than what’s in the upcoming title, as Marvel’s Gamerverse is offering a number of prequel comics to lead up to it. And the first one is available right now. Marvel’s Avengers: Iron Man #1 is available for purchase at Marvel’s comic store, going for $3.99. It’s the first of several comics that will tie in with the blockbuster game. A second story with Thor will drop in January, and one with Hulk will follow in February.

Diving into Marvel’s Avengers: Iron Man #1

The story focuses on Tony Stark and his fine-suited alter ego as they take on dangerous enemies. The Lethal Legion is apparently becoming a thorn in his side, utilizing his Stark technology for their own ways. As a result, he has to set out to stop the leak. 

He’s got his teammates, including Captain America, Thor, and Hulk, by his side. But can he trust them? Did the Lethal Legion get to them? Or is there another force that could be calling all the shots? He has to dig in and find out.

The comic features “never before seen takes on some classic villains,” according to the description and also ties in with events from the game. It could be a lead-up to the general story, which involves “A-Day” devastation in San Francisco that disbands the group. As a result, a new conglomerate rises, forcing the heroes to reassemble and take on the threat!

Written by Jim Zub with artwork by Paco Diaz and a cover design from Stonehouse, the first issue of Marvel’s Avengers looks like a real must-read for fans.

As for the game, it’s not due until May 15, 2020. But we’ve included the latest trailer below to get you caught up.

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