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Although Resident Evil 4 VR impressed quite a few players back when it dropped last year, it soon became evident that not everything made it to the final product. Specifically, the arcade-like Mercenaries minigame that players could unlock in previous versions of Resident Evil 4 didn’t show up in the VR version at launch. About a month later, however, fans managed to catch a trailer advertising the Mercenaries mode as an upcoming free update for the VR version . Fortunately for fans, this reworked Mercenaries mode has finally arrived today, and players who own Resident Evil 4 VR can try it out for free, as promised.

Interestingly, the Mercenaries update does much more than port over the fan-favorite mode and adapt it to fit the VR version’s gameplay systems. It also implements a wealth of new features, such as online leaderboards and, most impressively, 20 brand-new challenges for players to tackle. These challenges include “Wild West,” which tasks players with taking down hordes of Ganados using a pair of six-shooters, and “The Cover of Night,” a more unsettling firefight that features the infamous Regenerador foes.


But that’s not all

To further sweeten the deal, developer Armature Studio incorporated new unlockables in the Mercenaries mode that players can make use of in the main story campaign. Visual filters, gameplay modifiers, and character skins make up only a handful of what’s on offer, and those who wish to relive the glory days of goofy cheat codes can even unlock a brand-new Big Head mode.

Armature Studio has put an impressive amount of work into adapting and tweaking the classic Mercenaries mode for Resident Evil 4 VR, and that extra work should make the initial wait worth it. One can only hope that the additional features will also make their way into other versions of Resident Evil 4, including the fanmade HD Project.

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