Resident Evil 4 VR Mercenaries village

Fans of the Resident Evil franchise have become quite familiar with the Mercenaries mode, a bonus arcade-like minigame that has featured in most installments since Resident Evil 3. This minigame usually tasks players with building a high score by running around a map and killing as many enemies as possible before the time runs out. The mode became quite popular amongst fans, to the point where Capcom released a standalone game entirely focused around the Mercenaries gameplay back in 2011. Because of this, some may have felt that the lack of a Mercenaries mode in the newly released Resident Evil 4 VR came off as a missed opportunity, especially since the original Resident Evil 4 had one. But it looks like Resident Evil 4 VR will receive a Mercenaries mode after all, as a newly discovered trailer advertised the feature.


Ahead of schedule

Interestingly, the Oculus YouTube channel seemed to have posted this new trailer before it wanted to, as it labeled the video as private soon afterward. That did not stop the Resident Evil-centric website Biohazard Declassified from getting a hold of the trailer before it went private and posting it on its own YouTube channel.

The trailer itself doesn’t reveal much about the new Mercenaries mode. It only shows standard gameplay footage, as well as a few accolades from various outlets. However, the trailer does unveil that the mode will arrive next year as a free update for the Oculus Quest 2, or the “Meta Quest 2,” as it is unfortunately now called. Those who loved experiencing Resident Evil 4 in VR will likely become ecstatic now that the missing Mercenaries mode will finally come to this version of the game. It remains uncertain how long it will take for Capcom to showcase gameplay footage for the mode, however, so fans will have to remain patient until then.

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