Fromsoftware’s Metal Wolf Chaos Xd Will Release On August 6

FromSoftware’s upcoming title, Metal Wolf Chaos XD, will be out on August 6 on both GOG and Steam. This third-person, mecha-based game was originally released in Japan in 2004. August will mark the game’s first appearance in Western regions. FromSoftware has partnered with Austin-based publisher Devolver Digital to bring this title to the West.

Those who have played Armored Core know that FromSoftware has plenty of experience creating mech games. Unlike Armored Core, Metal Wolf has an inordinate amount of camp. The game sees you playing as the US President, Michael Wilson. As the Commander-in-Chief, you must defend the nation against a coup created by the Vice President, Richard Hawk. The trailer below shows battles against futuristic helicopters, tanks, and mechs. The setting is anywhere from the front of the White House to the top of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Metal Wolf Chaos XD looks old in all the right ways

For a game that originally released 15 years ago, it’s hard to imagine why FromSoftware would re-release Metal Wolf Chaos now. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has done quite well for them, and the recent announcement of Elden Ring shows that FromSoftware is collaborating with some big names.

With all of that said, Metal Wolf is likely to appeal to a certain gamer. Those who miss straightforward action games, with no frills and no quest logs, will likely feel right at home with this title. The game has that ridiculous sense of humor that developers seem afraid to inject into their games today. Taking the US President and strapping him with a mech reminds me of, well, Team America: World Police, which also released in 2004.

The fact that FromSoftware is supporting their older titles is hopeful news. Fans of King’s Field have been wishing for a remaster, sequel, or reboot for some time. Perhaps if Metal Wolf sells well enough, King’s Field will reemerge as many have been hoping for.

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