Ground Zeroes is finally upon us and so far it’s awesome. It’s been too long since we last got to be stealthy with Snake and despite its short campaign, Ground zeroes is great. The amount of freedom given allows for numerous replays and therefore makes the short main missions seem less of a problem than we’d first thought.

This freedom also means that there are a lot of things to do in Ground Zeroes that you may not realise at first. In this article published by Playstation magazine and written by David Meikleham, you can check out 9 things you have to try out in Ground Zeroes. From finding the Psycho Mantis cameo to meeting Hideo Kojima, there are lots of things revealed here you may not have noticed. I will warn you there are some very minor spoilers so maybe beat the game before you read but there’s nothing huge. You can check it out HERE.

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