Microsoft Flight Simulator Reno Air Races Pitts Lobby V2

Microsoft Flight Simulator‘s Reno Air Races expansion pack is now currently on sale for a discounted price to honor the recent start of the real-life event. Until September 19, customers can buy the expansion in several forms for 50% off. The Reno Air Races content is spread around in Microsoft Flight Simulator across different bundles.

You can buy the Full Collection for $42.49 USD , which includes the entire expansion (the race airport in Reno and the Air Race game modes) along with all four classes of race aircraft in all of their custom paint schemes. There’s also the standalone Expansion Pack for $9.99 USD, which includes the race airport, all of the race modes, and also the four classes of race planes. However, you won’t get all of the paint schemes for those planes.


Off to the races

Keep in mind that these aircraft, the Pitts S-1S, P51 Mustang, T-6 Texan and L-39 Albatross, can be used in both Race mode and also Free Flight mode to go anywhere in the world.

That said, you can either buy each of the classes as a bundle for $22.49 USD each, thus nabbing you all of the paint schemes for each class, or you can buy just a single airplane with one custom paint scheme on its own for $7.49 USD. Even if you buy just a singular airplane, there’s no difference between all of the different paint schemes when it comes to performance. They’re effectively the equivalent of a cosmetic skin.

The Reno Air Race expansion first launched for Microsoft Flight Simulator back in late 2021 as its first major paid expansion (and so far, the only one).

It contains various air race events that can be completed both in single-player and in multiplayer modes. It plays very differently than the traditional style of flying in the rest of the sim. Again, the sale will last until September 19.

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