It was recently announced that Microsoft had bought the rights to the Gears of War franchise from Epic games and that they were handing the franchise over to Black Tusk Studios who would begin working on the next installment of the hit franchise.

This news sparked much excitement amongst Gears fans and many have been speculating thatwe might be hearing some news about the next game soon. However, Microsoft have told fans not to expect anything to be revealed anytime soon since they want to give Black Tusk Studio’s enough time to evolve the series.

This news came via Microsoft’s Phil Spencer via his Twitter account when he answered some fans Tweets.


It’s good to see that Microsoft are giving their developers time to work on their games. There have been strong rumours that EA forced DICE to release Battlefield 4 before they were finished with it and to this day the online is still dodgy. Props to Microsoft.

Source: IGN

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