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Good news for those who found Limbic Entertainment did a fine job with Might & Magic X Legacy; they’re now developing Might & Magic Heroes VII. That’s a somewhat different style of game, of course, but Limbic have proved they know what they’re doing with the Might & Magic universe.

Here’s the premise for Might & Magic Heroes VII: the murder of the Empress has left a power vacuum and thrust the realm into civil war. Duke Ivan has a plan to sort all that out though. He’s going to put together a council of six trusted advisors who’ll try to end the civil war.

Details beyond those plot points are a little on the sparse side for now. Ubisoft’s press site for Gamescom pretty much just has the logo above, and the press release mentions interesting but somewhat vague things like “a more detailed world than ever to explore and conquer,” and “a complex economic system to master.” Plus, of course, fantasy creatures to face in battle. I mean, that last one is kind of an obvious feature for Might & Magic, Ubisoft.

“New, innovative features” are mentioned as well, but not really expanded upon. Those will probably be detailed as Gamescom progresses, or as the game approaches a 2015 release date.

As with Might & Magic X Legacy, Limbic will be seeking the opinions and feedback of Might & Magic playerbase to help shape the game a bit. The official site is listed as www.mmh7.com but, um, at the time of writing that doesn’t seem to exist yet. It might do by the time you’re reading this.

When it IS up and running, it’ll let you join the exciting sounding “Shadow Council” and influence the development. For starters, you’ll be voting on two of the six factions to include in the game.

Update: Here’s a bit of concept art too.

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