Infinity Ward outlines Modern Warfare 2 beta changes going into weekend two

Modern Warfare 2 Beta Changes Weekend Two

The first weekend of the Modern Warfare 2 beta has come to an end, with PlayStation players getting first dibs on the maps and game modes the title has to offer. Weekend two of the Modern Warfare 2 beta is getting ready to begin, adding PC players to the mix, and it’ll come with some key changes.

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Perhaps one of the most noticeable features of the beta has been the high footstep audio. It has been near impossible to take a stealthy approach. Enemies could easily hear you through surfaces and from long distances. As a result, Infinity Ward is reducing the range of footstep audio for the second weekend of the beta.  Additionally, you should find that friendly footsteps will sounds different from those of the enemy.


When playing the beta for the first time, players quickly realized that slide-cancelling wasn’t present. It’s a mechanic from past Call of Duty titles, including Warzone, so it didn’t take fans long to find a workaround. The developers state that they are aware of this and are still looking for a way to deal with it.

Next, the overhauled perk system has proven to be quite divisive so far. Ultimate perks have been balanced going into the second weekend of the beta to make them more powerful.

Some things may never change in Modern Warfare 2

Another hot topic of discussion has been Dead Silence. Although many players want to see it as a perk rather than a Field Upgrade, Infinity Ward has shut this down. Its justification for keeping Dead Silence as a Field Upgrade is that it believes “it is important to game health that rushers are not able to move at high speeds without consequence. Dead Silence as a Field Upgrade creates a balance between freedom of movement and predictability of combat.”

Moreover, the developers have explained their reasoning for swaying away from the classic mini map in Modern Warfare 2. Right now, red dots don’t show up on the mini map unless a UAV is active. This was done so players could find where the gunshot came from without punishing other players for shooting. We are told that Infinity Ward is still gathering player feedback on gameplay with the mini map, so never say never with this one.

Modern Warfare 2 beta weekend two changes

The final big change to the Modern Warfare 2 beta going into weekend two is improved visibility during a gunfight. Players should expect changes such as reduced smoke opacity and more muzzle flash visibility to improve tracking.

The Modern Warfare 2 early access beta begins for PC players on September 22.

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