Modern Warfare 2 Valderas Museum Map Removed

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has officially launched, and you can now jump into every map and mode the title has to offer. The beta back in September gave fans a taste of what multiplayer would involve, including a range of game modes, a glimpse at the new gunsmith, and traditional 6v6 as well large-scale map. Eagled eyed players may have realized that a map that featured in the beta is now missing from the full game. The map known as Valderas Museum has mysteriously been removed from Modern Warfare 2.

The multiplayer beta featured four 6v6 maps: Breenbergh Hotel, Farm 18, Mercado Las Almas, and Valderas Museum. The museum based map was on the larger side with a mix of indoor and outdoor combat. In addition, the Valderas Museum map took players to a battlefield that was based in Spain. As a result of its disappearance, there are now a total of 10 multiplayer maps in the game.


Valderas Museum isn’t the first

There hasn’t been any mention as to why Valderas Museum was taken out of the rotation with the full launch of Modern Warfare 2. However, a similar occurrence took place when a Grand Prix map was revealed and expected to feature in the multiplayer beta. This was not the case, but it has returned with the launch of the full game under a new name, Crown Raceway. With that said, it is possible that Valderas Museum could become available to play again in the future.

While we wait for any news on what has happened to the map, you can learn everything you need to know about customizing your class with gunsmith weapon tuning. Also, if you’ve already completed the campaign and grabbed all the rewards, you can uninstall it to clear some space on your PC.

Valderas Museum Removed From Modern Warfare 2

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