New Vampire Survivors update adds new characters and a “secret menu option”

Vampire Survivors update books monsters secret menu cheats

A little while back, Vampire Survivors received the 0.9 update, which made it seem like the 1.0 version laid right around the corner. As it turns out, though, developer poncle does not have the full version ready for Vampire Survivors players quite yet — update 0.10 has just been released. Those who expected the 1.0 version may feel disappointed by this news. But fret not, the new update, dubbed “The Not One,” features quite a few new mechanics to mess around with. These come in the form of two additional characters, a new arcana, a new weapon, two new achievements, and a “secret menu option” for Vampire Survivors.

At first, it may seem that the two new characters, Cosmo Pavone and Big Trousers, serve as the most substantial additions in the 0.10 update. But actually, the “secret menu option” is the star of the show this time. If you wish to bang your head against the wall and figure out this secret for yourself, then you can stop reading here.


Spoilers ahead

This new Vampire Survivors secret is actually an unlockable cheat menu that can activate a number of cheats both useful and useless. Several of these cheats allow players to skip the potentially demanding unlock requirements of certain characters and features and use them straight away. Those who have struggled to unlock the Boss Rash mode included in the last update will find this feature especially helpful. One cheat, though, makes certain UI elements spin in place for a little while. Which, I mean, why not?

You can find a list of every cheat, or “spell,” added in the new Vampire Survivors update here. All in all, players have quite a few new cheats to try (exactly 40 in total), so those who need a bit of extra help on their journey can freely activate whichever ones they wish.

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