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Square Enix has a real hit on its hands with the NieR franchise. The mix of satisfying combat, rich storytelling, and immersive music are just a few of the things that helped it earn so much acclaim. PC players were no doubt thrilled when it came to the platform back in 2017, but the Steam version just didn’t live up to expectations. Yep, it was another case of a rough port. Fast forward to now, and that’s finally about to change. There’s a major patch incoming for the Steam version of NieR: Automata on July 15 at 12 PM ET that’s going to set the record straight.

What all is in the patch you might ask? A number of things. More than many might have expected. This is partially thanks to some of the work already done for the Xbox Game Pass version of the game (which runs way better already). Steam users can now expect some modern settings and fixes to improve the overall experience.


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There are a lot of new graphics options coming such as AMD CAS upscaling support (too bad we can’t get FidelityFX Super Resolution), global illumination levels, anti-aliasing tweaks, HDR, ambient occlusion, borderless window mode, and some degree of dynamic resolution for better performance.

There are also some major quality of life improvements to note. For starters, you can now kiss that annoying mouse cursor icon goodbye if playing on controller. The cutscenes will now run in 60 fps as intended as well. The same framerate improvements go for the overall performance. There are a bunch of other bug fixes apparently coming along with the resolution to these major eyesores, but the patch notes provided by the developer are limited in details. At any rate, NieR: Automata should run much smoother once you get the new Steam patch.

You’ll also be able to turn on 4K UI icons and backdrops for a sharper look if you play at high resolutions. That should help the game age a little better, and might just warrant a revisit if this title is particularly dear to you. A lot of these seem like pretty standard options for a PC game, but that’s the nature of many ports. At least this one is about to be in better shape.

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