No Man's Sky The Abyss

No Man’s Sky is getting another free update from Hello Games, and this time around it will have players exploring underwater depths. The free update for version 1.7 is aptly called “The Abyss” and will feature tons of new content and improvements across the board. First, check out the trailer below:

No Man’s Sky Turns Into No Man’s Sea

When we last checked out the vast space exploration game from Hello Games, it had just entered the first week of its NEXT update. No Man’s Sky NEXT ended up bringing a whole slew of changes from base building, QOL improvements, and the Galactic Atlas. The NEXT Update, perhaps, started showing what No Man’s Sky should’ve been like since the beginning. That’s because it finally had a proper multiplayer feature — one where you and up to three other players can explore the unknown.

From there, we also took a look at its seasonal community event. That one added the Quicksilver merchant bot which allowed you to buy cosmetic items to equip or decorate your base. We genuinely appreciated the steps Hello Games took to bring the community closer together if only for a time.

As for The Abyss update, Hello Games are attempting fully flesh-out the sunken depths of various planets. I’ll have to say that this is a worthwhile change. Back when I was exploring various locations in the Euclid Galaxy, I never truly found any reason to delve underwater. I’m surmising that many other players might’ve felt the same way as well. So yes, The Abyss update could help turn various planets in No Man’s Sky into living, breathing worlds.

No Man's Sky The Abyss Free Update

Here’s what you can expect from No Man’s Sky – The Abyss free update:

  • underwater exploration via the Nautilon, the new submarine Exocraft that lets you dive deep
  • the Marine Shelter and additional base building parts to create your own underwater hideout
  • brand new underwater biomes and planetary types
  • deep-sea creatures such as poisonous jellyfish, carnivorous clams, and giant predator fish
  • new missions that tell of tales of a stranded crew and lost souls
  • sunken wrecks and submerged cargo, many of which contain new materials such as Hadal Cores and Living Pearls
  • improved controls to facilitate exploration in the deeps
  • a vehicle merchant/shop that provides upgrades for your Exocraft like the Nautilon

There are more improvements to No Man’s Sky as part of The Abyss update, and you can find them in the official site.


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