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Bad news for Halo Insiders still rocking Nvidia GTX 900 Series cards. When the next Halo Infinite multiplayer preview goes live, your 900 GPU will stay your feet. And you shall be left behind. In a recent reply on a Reddit thread, Halo Community Director Brian Jarrard confirmed that the team discovered new issues with the aging GPUs. As such, Nvidia GTX 900 Series cards won’t be supported in the upcoming Halo Infinite preview.

Following the first preview event, developer 343 Industries discovered issues with the GPUs. Some users with 900 Series cards — like the 970 and 980 Ti, for example — reported black screens, crashes, and other technical problems. The team addressed this in a performance review video by IGN, saying 343i “solved the issue that was impacting players running the GTX 900 series.” According to Jarrard, that has since changed.



“The team did indeed address the major crash problem that was present during the last technical preview but as is often the case with game development, other issues have surfaced,” Jarrard wrote in the Reddit thread. “I’m sorry to say that for this next preview, 900 series cards are not supported. I’ll share more info as I can get it, the team is continuing to work on bug fixing and polish for this and other areas of the game on the road to release.”

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The road to optimization is long

The next preview test kicks off on September 24. It’ll include enhancements to the bot AI, Arena PvP with a new map and objective modes, and Big Team Battle is also making an appearance. Unfortunately, those with GTX 900 Series cards will have to miss out on the upcoming preview test for Halo Infinite. However, that’s no reason to despair. Optimization is a tricky beast, and figuring out what problems exist before launch are the crux of the tech tests. In all likelihood, the GPUs should be fine when the game launches later in December.

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