Othercide Child Boss Guide How To Defeat Child Boss Fight Feat

The Child is the fourth boss in Othercide — well, not counting the entity you fought during the tutorial. This battle will test your mettle, but a few tricks would definitely lead to success. Here’s our boss guide to help you out.

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Othercide: The Child boss guide

The Child boss fight info

  • Health – 50,000
  • Squad limit – Four
  • Shriek (instant) – 1,200 damage; melee range unit
  • Misery (instant) – 500 damage to the Daughter that’s furthest away; cuts down movement range temporarily

Othercide Child Boss Guide How To Defeat Child Boss Fight 1b

  • Rays of Agony (charged) – 550 damage; eight-pointed star pattern around boss
  • Severe Pain (phase transition) – after reaching 75% health; resets initiative to zero (takes a turn after you’re done)

Othercide Child Boss Guide How To Defeat Child Boss Fight 1c

Phase transitions

Once the boss reaches the second phase, he’ll gain buffs to Shriek and Misery (turning them into their “Dreadful” versions). These abilities will now hit the closest tiles around the Child’s target (seen below):

Otc Bss Chl 1

Then, there’s Torrent of Agony, a charged ability that covers a huge cone below the boss’ location:

Otc Bss Chl 2

Likewise, there’s Rain of Agony, another charged skill:

Otc Bss Chl 3

After you’ve damaged the Child a bit below 50% health, he’ll get Cross of Agony, yet another charged spell. These abilities all require a bit of charge time. Unfortunately, they also hit so many tiles that you really need to dance around the map just to avoid them. These are on top of any instant attacks that the boss can launch.

Otc Bss Chl 4


The Child boss battle in Othercide is predominantly about AP management and repositioning, and I even found it easier compared to the Maid boss fight at lower levels. Although the boss hits ridiculously hard, you don’t need to worry so much about reaction skills or unexpected mechanics. For the most part, it all boils down to: “Am I about to get hit? Better move a little.”

Otc Bss Chl 5

Here are some dos and don’ts:

  • Do use abilities that push the boss further towards the bottom of the map if he’s charging Torrent of Agony. This will make him blast nothing but air.
  • Do use the Shieldbearer’s Slam liberally to delay the boss; just make sure to have defensive skills like Blacksmith’s Grace.
  • Do use Soulsinger’s Intercepting Round or the Scythedancer’s Dance of Binding. These prevent allies from taking a beating when the Child uses Misery or Shriek.
  • Don’t push the boss when he’s using Rain of Agony or Cross of Agony. Pushing the boss will jumble around the tiles that these skills are supposed to hit, and your Daughters could take incoming fire.
  • Don’t enter a burst state too often as this can prevent you from moving away from charged abilities.

Othercide Child Boss Guide How To Defeat Child Boss Fight 2

When you’re done, you’ll get two Remembrances. The Twisted Mask lets Daughters start at level 10, and the Nodule allows you to skip another era in Othercide.

Othercide Child Boss Guide How To Defeat Child Boss Fight 3

Othercide is available on Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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