Othercide: Scythedancer class and skills guide

Othercide Scythedancer Class Skills Guide Best Skills

Othercide by default has three classes: the Blademaster, Shieldbearer, and Soulsinger. As for the fourth class, the Scythedancer, this one’s unlocked a bit later in the game. This class specializes in penetrating enemy armor and it’s even got one of the best abilities in the entire game. Here’s our Scythedancer class and skills guide to help you out.

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Othercide: Scythedancer class – Ideal skill picks

As mentioned, the Scythedancer joins the fray once you’re battling The Maid, the boss in Othercide‘s third chapter. The character you get will already be level 10 and, from that point onwards, the Scythedancer will remain unlocked even through successive recollections or restarts.

Just to be clear, you don’t actually get to select your first Scythedancer’s abilities (they’re pre-selected for you). However, if you decide to recruit new Daughters — and assuming you chose Remembrances that boosted you to a certain level — then you’ll get to pick from certain skill options.

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Level 1: The Reaping vs. Dance of Revenge

Otc Cls Scy 1

The Reaping is an amazing skill that allows the Scythedancer to chew through armor easily and, because it hits multiple times, certain memories (mentioned below) will be extremely useful.

Othercide Scythedancer Class Skills Guide Best Skills 3

Level 5: Deadly Dance vs. Dance of Fury

Otc Cls Scy 2

Deadly Dance is the ideal choice here. Not only does the Scythedancer rupture enemy armor, she also “steals” this stat making her tankier. You can even pre-cast this next to enemy spawn locations and this will fire a couple of times before she gets her next turn.

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Level 10: Dance of Binding vs. Dance of the Dead

Otc Cls Scy 3

Dance of Binding is a great ability to have. It procs from enemy melee attacks, ranged attacks, charged spells and, yes, even movement.

Level 15: The Decimation vs. The Harvesting

Otc Cls Scy 4

The Harvesting, bar none, is the best ability in Othercide. It already does 840+ damage by default (and this can be boosted further). Oh, and it hits every enemy on the map regardless of how far they might be. You can pop this immediately when the mission has just started to watch enemies disappear entirely. Alternatively, you can use it to weaken tougher mobs before they even get close.

Othercide Scythedancer Class Skills Guide Best Skills 5

Memory/mod choices

The Scythedancer is actually quite versatile when it comes to the memories or mods you find in Othercide. She can use armor-reducing mods or those that add a flat amount of damage. For instance, The Reaping with the Defiance memory (+100 damage) makes each hit do 150 damage instead.

Examples of armor-reducing memories include:

  • Master – -60 armor
  • Dissociate – -80 armor

If you’re using The Harvesting, then you could go with mods that affect enemy initiative, damage taken, or mobility:

  • Inferno – 10 initiative delay
  • Return – 20 initiative delay
  • Summoning – immobilize for 35 timeline initiative
  • Ruin – +30% more damage taken for 30 timeline initiative

Othercide Scythedancer Class Skills Guide Best Skills 6

Othercide is available on Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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