For those who have been wanting to try out Overwatch but not shell out the cash for it, there’s good news. Announced this morning a free week-long trial is coming, which goes from November 20 to 26. The entire roster of Overwatch’s 29 heroes will be available. You will even get the newest and newest addition, Ashe. It’s a great opportunity for those who are still on the fence about Overwatch and want to get their feet wet.

What Else Is Included

  • There are 19 different maps all with different goals and objectives
  • Modes of play include Quick Play, Custom Games and Arcade
  • Players who take advantage of the Free trial can level up during it
  • Loot Boxes and unlock customization options for your hero
  • Progress made will be saved and can be carried over to the full purchased game


How To Install It On PC

Download Blizzard Battle.net desktop app and just launch it. Make sure you either create a free Blizzard account or simply login with your existing account, Once that is done click on the Overwatch icon which you can find on the left-hand side of Blizzard’s desktop app. Choose your region from the drop-down menu, click ‘Install”. Once the installation has finished all you need to do is hit “Play”.

The Overwatch Free Trial will be available for download from November 20–27.

Below is the worldwide release map of when you can jump in and play.


Interested players can pre-download Overwatch now to get ready for the Free Trial. There will also be some exclusive limited time loot to earn during the trial. All you have to do is link your Blizzard and Twitch accounts where you can watch two hours of Overwatch streams starting November 20 through 26. You will earn three Ashe-themed sprays. For more information head on to the official blog post.

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