Path Of Exile Players Celebrate Diablo: Immortal Announcement

Path Of Exile Players Celebrate Diablo: Immortal Announcement

It’s been a turbulent 24 hours for Blizzard. During BlizzCon 2018, their announcement of Diablo: Immortal — which was only playable on mobile devices — didn’t just have a lukewarm reception. No, long-time PC players and fans were in full revolt. Blizzard’s decision, to many Diablo fans, was akin to a “slap in the face” and an affront to the franchise’s legacy. Elsewhere on the internet, this announcement was met with excitement. That’s because the perennial alternative to Diablo’s action role-playing (ARPG) goodness, Path of Exile, ended up having an influx of “Blizzard refugees.”

Check out some of the comments below:

Path Of Exile Diablo Immortal Reactions

Friendship With Diablo Ended, Now Path Of Exile Is My Best Friend

The comments above are from Path of Exile’s subreddit. Numerous topics abound detailing stories of people who’ve abandoned the Diablo ship. This is quite fitting since newly-created Path of Exile characters wash up on the shores of Wraeclast. The official forums for the game are no different with similar discussions.

Threads, where Path of Exile players provided links to beginner guides and beginner-friendly builds, were there. Likewise, with the influx of new players, the Path of Exile Reddit community has overtaken Diablo in terms of subscribers. That’s a good sign for developer Grinding Gear Games. They released their flagship ARPG in 2013, a year after Diablo III’s disappointing launch.

Path of Exile, to many of its dedicated players, was an established alternative to the Diablo franchise. Those who became jaded by Blizzard’s decision-making process and design changes to their own ARPG caught wind that there was something afoot in the land of Wraeclast; a game which had the spirit of Diablo II but with more customization features. It took a while for Path of Exile to find its footing, but with the backlash that Diablo: Immortal is suffering, this infusion of new blood might make its community more vibrant than before. Even a website called ends up redirecting to the Path of Exile official page.

On a personal note, I do applaud the Path of Exile players for their efforts. While, yes, it’s true that some are just happy to give Blizzard a virtual kick-to-the-balls, many are just there to help out newbies. I was actually in the same boat a couple of weeks ago when I first started playing. I ended up writing a topic about how overwhelmed I was by the Path of Exile’s mechanics. Lo and behold, so many community members chimed in. Many were eager to aid those who were willing to put the time and effort in the game. Oh, and I’ll probably write about that experience in full in the next few days so stay tuned.

Watch How do I PoE again? RF Totems! ~~ !ILB ~~ from thejunglequeen on

Bonus: Some thoughts from David Brevik

This might be fitting to add. It’s commentary from David Brevik, the co-founder and former president of Blizzard North. Brevik is known as the Godfather of Diablo. During a Twitch stream last month, he threw some shade at his previous company stating that an Activision takeover would make Blizzard unrecognizable in a few years’ time. Do note that this was before the Diablo: Immortal fiasco.

Some might surmise, from the business side of things, that this led Blizzard to partner with NetEase for a mobile endeavor, but that’s mere speculation. Who knows if corporate wranglings played a role in anything Diablo-related? What we do know is that Mr. Brevik seems to be enjoying the Path of Exile stream in any case.

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    My Steam library has 1,131 games at the moment so we definitely have a lot of things to talk about.

    • Richard N

      I always find it kinda funny and somehwat cut throat when a game company takes advantage of another company’s absurd decisions. Though since this is Activision Blizzard taking the heat; I can’t say I have much sympathy.

      • J3st

        Pretty sure this isn’t the game company doing any of it. It’s the community.

        • darko_gajic

          yap, but GGG (poe developer), did make a joke on their twitter recently, before knowing all this. they most likely just dont say anything, and watch the community say it for them. great guys btw.

          • Jason Rodriguez

            Nah, that Twitter/Halloween joke was mostly aimed at their own expense since they also have an announcement to make about future POE content. Had any major Diablo game been announced, I’m surmising that they jokingly saw that as a something that could detract from the POE announcement.

            Since Immortal was announced instead, well, the internet spoke for itself.

        • Richard N

          Good point, I misheard that the guys behind Path of Exile was taking part of this too. My bad.

      • korval

        Are you not reading this on your phone?!

    • Viron Law

      Is so sad how blizzard disrespecting their fanbase … ppl had been asking diablo 2 remaster, or diablo 4, or even any diablo new game for PC but no no …. ignore the player feedback let’s makes a reverse decision, let’s make phone game shall we? Just slap those fanbase pc players forcing them to play more on their phone instead on their PC from now on …. Is this respecting diablo players by convert them from PC to phone? I don’t think so …..

      If they make D3 phone is understandable …. but a new diablo game? And don’t even want to port to PC also?

      • Jason Rodriguez

        Technically Immortal takes place between D2 and D3, and given mobile graphics, it would be Diablo 2.5.

        As for the major Diablo titles (for PCs of course), they already announced that those are in the works in their blog last month. Taking the wording into consideration, some already knew that BlizzCon wouldn’t lead to any major announcement.

        Unfortunately, either people forgot about that blog or they overhyped themselves to a frenzy.

        The creator of the classic Diablo games, David Brevik, actually has a good take regarding the matter, especially for the fans who are outraged and upset:

        • Fabi

          What kinda bugs me that they still say – they have more Diablo games in the making next to the mobilething – maybe its a Diablo 4 but what else is in the doing? And is the third project also so big and so early in state to not talking about it? It must be kinda big since stuff like a new character can also be shown in an early state – the necromancer took like one year after release.

    • Michael Treiger

      A shame that PoE can’t work on Switch bc it needs to be always online. But Diablo 3 was always online, if GGG do a kickstsrter for a Switch port I’d open my wallet.

      • Fabi

        well, who knows – on the monday they want to present some experimental feature (peoples guess its about hideouts) and on the day after they want to make another POE Announcement, who knows maybe PS4 or Switch release.

    • Lou “Constantine” Salvatore

      Come play POE, diablo fans. GGG actually communicates and listens unlike Activision-Blizzard.

    • R. Hoffmann

      Path of Exile and Grim Dawn are both the better “Diablo” games since a couple of years anyway.

    • Hvd

      Path of Exile on mobile make it happen and make it more p2w.