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August 2020 PC game release dates

The PC games listed on this page have been announced as releasing in August 2020. This page will also include titles that are expected to come out during Summer 2020.

Tell Me Why (DONTNOD Entertainment): Summer 2020

This upcoming episodic game from DONTNOD explores mature themes such as gender and sexuality. You get to control twins Tyler and Alison while the game has themes related to transgender concerns.

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Torchlight III (Echtra): Summer 2020

The hit ARPG series is back. Previously announced as Torchlight Frontiers, the game has instead become Torchlight III. It’s no longer free-to-play, and it’ll be a premium ARPG experience.

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Babylon’s Fall (Platinum Games): Summer 2020

Battle against formidable gods as a mysterious Nomad.

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Tears of Avia (CooCooSqueaky): Summer 2020

A turn-based tactical RPG with JRPG and anime flair.

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