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PC Invasion Podcast #10 – Gamescom 2015 Special

If you were concerned about the lack of PC Invasion Podcast last week, fear not. We were just gearing up for this Gamescom 2015 Special, in which man-on-the-show-floor Paul Younger tells all about his battle against disintegrating shoes and persistent efforts to date David Brevik.

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To reveal all, Stream or download the latest episode below. Prior podcast episodes can be found in our archives.


You’ll hear reports from the Dark Souls 3 booth (particularly interesting, as Paul hasn’t played any Souls games), learn about the violent streets of Mafia 3’s New Orleans, get some ruminations on virtual reality via Everspace and Pollen, and learn how not to behave in a press demo of Crossout (it wasn’t us behaving badly, PC Invasion is all about etiquette).

There’s also information about Cities: Skylines expansion After Dark, our thoughts on the amazing Star Citizen presentation (“Jared Switch to Red 2 .. Jared!”) and the inside scoop on which Gamescom booths offer the best snacks.

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