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Welcome, one and all, to what is likely to be our penultimate Podcast of the year (we should squeeze in another one before Christmas). You can read a summary of what’s in Episode 27 beyond the gadget, and use said gadget to either stream of download this most recent episode. If you want to hear older ones, they’re over this way.


This week, Paul, Tim and myself tackle the questions PC users demand to be answered. Such as: who would win in a bikini mud-wrestling fight between Chris Roberts and Derek Smart?

Also whether Star Citizen Alpha 2.0: This Time It’s A Game is any good, I guess. Turns out you can steal people’s ships for joy rides, so the answer to that one is presumably “yes, it is good”.

After that, we reveal the Splendid Winners™ of the PC Invasion Readers’ Awards 2015. We’ll be running a text article about this in the near future, but if you want to hear the results FIRST (for … some reason), then you’ll get them all here. Accompanied by scintillating commentary such as “yeah, that makes sense” and “I have no problem with this”.

Steam trading has changed a bit in this last week. We talk about it.

In the spirit of Christmas, Square have released a decent Final Fantasy port (of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII). Tim’s been playing it, and tracking down not-very-secret cults who hang around in graveyards and own magic paint. Meanwhile, I’ve played a whole 36 minutes of Undertale. I use my face and voice to talk about those minutes.


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