PC Invasion Podcast #27

This week: mud wrestling, Star Citizen 2.0, Readers’ Awards results, Steam trading changes, Lightning Returns: FFXIII, and Undertale.

News Bites – 20 November

Mark Hamill gets his own Star Citizen reveal special, Overwatch beta begins, and Lightning Returns (again) to PC.

How much cooler would Final Fantasy XIII Be in Retro, 16-Bit Style?

Final Fantasy XIII has not always been compared favorably to its 16-bit predecessors, but what would it have been like if the trilogy was actually released in the  16-bit era? Square Enix lets us now what it would look like with this Lightning Returns promotional video, having Lightning retell the Final Fantasy XIII story in the style. Check out the video after the jump.

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Square-Enix Announce Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

In a largely expected move, Square-Enix have announced Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Which of course is the Final Fantasy XIII-3 that everyone has been expecting.

Although this move will likely be unpopular with a share of the fanbase which have been unhappy with the two currently released Final Fantasy XIII games, but personally I am willing to wait and see if they can raise the bar a bit with their next entry.

Unfortunately however, the game won’t be returning to the Final Fantasy roots, but instead will reduce the controllable player count yet again, reducing it to one, just as it was for the final bit of downloadable content for Final Fantasy XIII-2. However this time Lightning will be controllable during battle, with the player capable of moving her around freely. What use this may have, if any, during gameplay still has not been revealed however, but a real-time blocking system is in the game this time, so battle should be more strategic and require more skill.

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