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Do you have room in your hearts for Episode 31 of the PC Invasion Podcast? I do hope so, because it exists for your enjoyment, below. You can stream it or download it, whichever you prefer. More of this sort of thing can be found in the podcast archives.


In this latest installment of PC chat, we EXCLUSIVELY confirmed that Johnny Depp is … not in Star Citizen. Can’t blame us for getting excited though, because Squadron 42 star John Rhys-Davies certainly seemed to think he was on board. So close, there, to the first ever videogame scoop for an Isle of Man radio station.

If you’re reading/listening to this before 22 January, you can get yourself a free copy of Omikron: The Nomad Soul, featuring the late David Bowie. It’s a promotion from the Square Enix store (though you get a Steam code). Visit the US Store or EU Store as appropriate, and (if they have codes left), you should get one.

Speaking of Square Enix, they’re doing something a bit unusual with the release of Hitman; which is now a fully episodic game. We’re not too sure how beneficial that is to regular players, and discuss what could go wrong (or right).

Then there’s a bit of Dragon’s Dogma news, because we didn’t quite exhaust the pawn/porn joke last week.

In games-we-played-corner, Paul is still dusting off the sand from Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak, Tim has been traumatised even more by Darkest Dungeon, and I’m back from a countryside jaunt in Dying Light: The Following.

Plenty to get stuck into, there.

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