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This week on the eighth installment of the PC Invasion Podcast, it’s more Star Citizen discussion. Plus further news waffling, and our views on Way of the Samurai 4’s PC debut.

You can stream or download the episode below, in the usual manner. Older podcast episodes can be found in the archives, in case you need to remind yourself how we felt about E3 2015.


Chris Roberts returned from his mo-cap sessions this week, and showed us all precisely how Star Citizen is going to work. The founder of Cloud Imperium Games also took part in hard-hitting 90 minute, in-house interview with a fellow Cloud Imperium Games employee. This hasn’t entirely put minds at ease.

Elsewhere, The Witcher 3 received its much-anticipated alternative movement scheme. The podcast is pleased to report that Geralt now moves a lot less like a horse.

Then we talk a bit about this 30fps Steam curation group business.

At some point we go on a tangent about FMV games (probably via Wing Commander 3,) and alight on Contradiction in particular. Contradiction looks rather good.

Speaking of games which exude high camp, Tim and I have both been playing the PC release of Way of the Samurai 4. It’s a wonderful thing, as this podcast hopefully makes clear. Paul, meanwhile, has been blasting off Into the Stars in an effort to save humanity via resource juggling.

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