Although there have been rumors about a team deathmatch mode for PlayUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the new mode was all but officially confirmed today. Professional player Russell ‘Xtreme’ Walters discovered the new mode when digging around in the “arcade” section of the game menu, posting his findings on Twitter.

Unsurprisingly, PUBG Corp took the game down for “emergency maintenance” shortly after the tweet, removing all mention of the team deathmatch mode. Since the tweet, PUBG Corp hasn’t made any official announcement or recognition of the leak, simply removing mention of it from the live version of the game. We wouldn’t expect an announcement, either. It seems the PR team is hard at work about the postponement of PGS: Berlin.

Details about PUBG team deathmatch

The details of the new mode are simple. Two teams of eight duke it out on a random map to see who reigns victorious. The leak shows a few other details, too. It seems the game mode takes some notes from Counter-Strike, where teams compete over a series of rounds compromising an overall match. Additionally, the rules make mention of regenerating health with a large TDM boost gauge, which is raised when you kill opponents.

Although borrowing from Counter-Strike in some ways, PUBG’s team deathmatch mode breaks from the pack in others. Players will have set loadouts, according to the screenshot, that they can choose between using a loadout menu. Furthermore, respawns happen right away “in as safe a place as possible” near your teammates. Thankfully, players are “invincible for a brief time after respawn.”

There are two other slots for additional game modes under team deathmatch, too. Although those weren’t pushed live, fans are speculating that PUBG could get a search and destroy mode in the future.

As for when team deathmatch is coming, we don’t know. That said, it’ll probably be awhile. The game just recently entered Season 6 with a new map, Karakin. You can view the trailer for that below.

Jacob Roach
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