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Iron Trials ’84 is the latest Call of Duty: Warzone game mode. It switches up the standard battle royale rules, such as the speed of the gas, the time to kill, and more. However, looting is still a big part of the mode, even more so as the price of a loadout is increased in Iron Trials. When doing said looting, you may have noticed a new weapon type. The Warzone Iron Trials ’84 mode features weapons that are highlighted in red and labelled as Redacted.

It turns out that Redacted is a new weapon rarity like common, rare, and so on. The Redacted weapons are unique as they are equipped with a total of eight attachments. This is three additional attachments compared to your loadout, where you can only equip five attachments. Therefore, the Redacted weapons are definitely worth picking up if you come across one.


How to get a Redacted weapon in Iron Trials ’84 in Warzone

To get yourself a Redacted weapon, you do not have to do anything in particular. Although they are rare, they show up as floor loot. You may increase your chances of acquiring one if you enter a Red Door or by opening up orange loot crates. So far, the Redacted Stoner light machine gun and the Swiss K31 sniper rifle have proven to be extremely powerful in Verdansk ’84.

Shortly after the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard, it will integrate with Warzone. This will see the debut of a new map and a highly anticipated anti-cheat system. Also, when Vanguard weapons roll out in Warzone, you will be able to equip up to ten attachments to those weapons. Redacted weapons could be giving us a taste of just how powerful Vanguard weapons might be in Warzone. Perhaps, developer Raven Software is preparing to allow players to equip more attachments to their Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War guns too.

Warzone Iron Trials Redacted Weapons

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