Fans Disable Resident Evil 2 Demo Timer

Resident Evil 2 Remake 1 Shot Demo All Cutscenes 0 17 Screenshot

Time-locked demos aren’t new, but they do offer a sense of urgency. The latest example is Resident Evil 2‘s 1-shot demo, which can only be played for 30-minutes in total. For fans, the demo serves as taste of what’s to come on January 25, when the full game launches. We’ve already played it ourselves, and you can read about our initial impressions here.

A 1-shot timed demo means that there’s no time to admire young Leon is or to revel in every gross sinew modeled in the zombie’s exposed flesh. Except, as it turns out, you might just have all the time in the world to ogle zombie textures because fans have already broke the timer.

Only A Matter Of Time

Resident Evil 2 Remake 1 Shot Demo Timer PC Steam Mod

Hacking the demo shouldn’t come as a surprise. As soon as any game hits PC, it’s usually swarmed and dissected by fans. After breaking it down, these fanatics then immediately create mods, hacks, and even general fixes for games. Also, games developed in Japan aren’t usually all too PC-centric, considering that mobile, handheld, and console systems are the most popular form of gaming over there. Therefore, Japanese developers may have less experience when dealing with a PC gaming audience. However, that is slowly changing, according to fans.

On top of all that, Capcom is a company that has had issues with its PC titles in the past. For example, the community is still complaining about the numerous bugs Monster Hunter World still has on the PC. So, when you take everything into consideration, the real surprise is that it took people so long to figure this problem out.

Removing Limits

Resident Evil 2 Remake 1 Shot Demo Timer PC Steam Mod
From CursedToast’s Video Guide

This method is explained in a video made by CursedToast on YouTube. To stop the tier, you’ll need to make some small edits to some files. You’ll also have to use the Steam Achievement Manager, but keep in mind, this isn’t the most “ethical” thing to do, and it might lead to Valve banning your account. So, try this on a second Steam account.

If these instructions are too technical, there are simple “trainers” that just do all the file-editing for you. But these aren’t hosted on the most reputable sites. They could be hiding malicious software, so use them at your own risk.

Infinite Time For Zombie Hunting

Resident Evil 2 Remake 1 Shot Demo Timer PC Steam Mod

But even though disabling the timer lets player truly savor everything the demo offers, it only includes a small portion of Leon’s time at the RCPD. So, unlocking the timer still means you’re playing a small slice. But, for die-hard fans of the franchise who want to inspect every single nook and cranny to spot all the differences, now you can without having to make a dozen fake Steam accounts. Happy hunting!

What do you guys think? Are you against file modifications like this? Or are you okay with it when it applies to arbitrary things like time-locked demos? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.