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Today marks 25 years of Resident Evil, and while there isn’t anything happening today to celebrate, Capcom has something planned. With the upcoming release of Resident Evil Village, and everything else revealed at January’s Resident Evil Showcase, Capcom is putting another one together. We don’t have a date just yet, but a second showcase is currently scheduled for April. Better yet, that showcase will give players another deeper look at Resident Evil Village.

We already know a decent bit about Resident Evil Village. Players will once again be filling the shoes of Ethan Winters, the protagonist of Resident Evil 7. Years after the events of RE7, Ethan and his wife Mia have had a baby. Unfortunately, Lady Dimitrescu, the internet’s favorite extremely tall vampiress, steals the child . Resident Evil Village will tell the story of Ethan getting his child back and, assumedly, fighting the vampire family that stole her.


Given how much we’ve already seen of Resident Evil Village, it’s likely that the upcoming showcase will focus on gameplay. We haven’t really seen much, save for a few moments here and there during the previous showcase. Besides that, Capcom had also released the Resident Evil Village Maiden demo. However, the demo focused more on exploring the game’s castle and setting the scene, with sparse puzzles and no combat featured.

Resident Evil outside the village

Capcom’s upcoming showcase won’t just revolve around Resident Evil Village. The show will go over other new additions to the long-running franchise, likely including Resident Evil Re:Verse. Revealed during January’s Resident Evil show, Re:Verse is a multiplayer shooter. In it, players start as one of the franchise’s human characters, fighting each other and collecting vials of different viruses around the map. However, once killed, you come back as one of the many Resident Evil bioweapons.

Next month will also see an open beta for Re:Verse. It will be available on PC via Steam on April 7 from 11 pm PDT (or 2 am EST) until the same time on April 10. To register, all you’ll need is a registered Capcom ID. Once you have that, you can pre-load the open beta starting on April 5.

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