Risk of Rain 2 guide: Unlocking the Captain

Risk Of Rain 2 Unlock Captain Guide Skills Loadouts

The Captain is the newest character (or survivor) that’s joining the roster in Risk of Rain 2. That’s just in time for the game’s official launch. Here’s how to unlock the Captain as well as how to obtain his additional skills and load-outs.

Note: For more information, check out our Risk of Rain 2 official review as well as our guides and features hub. Oh, and be forewarned that this particular guide contains spoilers.

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Risk of Rain 2: Unlocking the Captain and using his skills and load-outs

Here’s the gist: in order to unlock the Captain, you’ve gotta finish Risk of Rain 2. I hear you, that sounds like just obliterating yourself in A Moment, Fractured, right? Well, not quite.

Actually, you’ve got to reach the Moon (the final level that’s been added in the 1.0 version). You also need to defeat Mithrix, Risk of Rain 2‘s final boss, and then escape the entire level before the space rock goes kaboom. Check out our Moon level and Mithrix boss guide if you need help.

If you managed to do all that, then congratulations! You’ve unlocked the Captain (and you’ll even get the secondary skin too).

Next, you can start familiarizing yourself with the character’s skills and load-outs:

  • Passive: Defensive Microbots – Gain microbots that shoot down enemies; drones are also given microbots.
  • Primary: Vulcan Shotgun – Extremely deadly at close range.
  • Secondary: Power Tazer – Shocks and stuns the enemy.
  • Utility: Orbital Probe – Stuns and blasts targets within a radius; has three charges by default.
  • Special: Orbital Supply Beacon – Request a drop pod that lasts permanently during a level; can only request two per level.

Ror2 Capt 1a

The Captain’s extra loadouts actually refer to his Orbital Supply Beacon selections. By default, you’ve got the following:

  • Beacon: Healing – Heal 10% of your maximum health every second; affects you and other allies within the radius. This is an extremely powerful skill, one that can actually trivialize even the toughest encounters in Risk of Rain 2.
  • Beacon: Shocking – Periodically shock and immobilize enemies that enter the area-of-effect.

You can unlock two more as you continue playing:

  • Beacon: Resupply – Recharges equipment once used. Completed via the “Wanderlust” challenge. This requires you to visit 10 different environments in a single run.
  • Beacon: Hacking – The beacon reduces the cost of nearby purchasable items or chests until they’re completely free. Completed via the “Worth Every Penny” challenge. This requires you to repair and recruit a TC-280 prototype. These are automatically found after defeating Mithrix on the Moon.

Risk Of Rain 2 Unlock Captain Guide Skills Loadouts 2

With the Captain’s skills, you shouldn’t have a problem taking out Risk of Rain 2‘s final boss. This class might be the most ridiculously powerful one in the game especially for multiplayer, so your runs should be a breeze.

Ror2 Capt 1

Risk of Rain 2 is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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