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Much like its predecessor, Rogue Legacy 2 is a pretty unforgiving game. Jumping straight in with no previous knowledge of the series can be daunting. Even worse, doing so will inevitably result in shorter runs where you don’t have the opportunity to farm up gold. No gold means no upgrades, and no upgrades mean no progress. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered with these Rogue Legacy 2 tips and tricks.

These tips are mainly for beginners that are looking to get better and start making some real progress. However,  even if you are a more experienced Rogue Legacy player, you might learn about something that you previously overlooked.


Don’t fight everything

The most common mistake newer Rogue Legacy players make is trying to fight everything. In reality, defeating most enemies in Rogue Legacy 2 doesn’t reward that much. The best-case scenario is that you get a gold drop or some food to heal you. These are nice, but there are easier ways to get them, such as breaking objects.

Most of the time, you should only fight an enemy because you have to. Perhaps the way ahead is blocked, or you’re trying to complete a Fairy Chest challenge that requires combat. Outside of this, though, the best approach is usually the easiest, and there’s nothing easier than not fighting in the first place.

Know your traits

Gold farming is extremely important in Rogue Legacy 2. If you aren’t able to farm up gold, you won’t be able to unlock the best castle upgrades, equipment, and runes to make future runs easier. One of the best ways to farm gold is through the use of traits. However, gold boosts are only given by negative traits, and some of them aren’t worth taking, as they hinder gameplay too much.

So what traits are worth taking? Generally speaking, there are two types of negative traits that are worth opting into: those that only affect the game visually and those that payout enough to justify their downside. For more information on what traits you should be looking out for check out our trait gold farming guide.

Rogue Legacy 2 Tips Traits

Learn the classes

One of the biggest tips beginners can benefit from is learning the classes. It seems obvious, but it’s easy to assume this doesn’t matter that much. After all, the first game didn’t put that much focus on classes because they all played similarly. That isn’tt the case in the sequel, as the class system has been given a total rework.

Each class comes equipped with a different weapon, talent, passive ability, and base stats. Some are short-ranged but tanky like the Barbarian, while others are frail but can attack from a distance like the Ranger. Understanding what you can get away with when using each class is important. Also, it isn’t as though some classes are just objectively the best. The class that is best for you will vary based on playstyle, so be sure to unlock and try them all out.

Pick the right Castle Upgrades

Buying Castle Upgrades is really important, and the majority of heir progression is locked behind them. Do you want more damage? Buy Castle Upgrades. Do you want more health? Buy Castle Upgrades. You can even buy the ability to make more gold, which then allows you to buy other Castle Upgrades faster.

The Castle Upgrade tree is huge, but there is a general order to which you should buy upgrades. Prioritize anything that saves or earns you more gold first. After this, anything that lets you output more damage should follow. That includes upgrades for Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Focus. Otherwise, upgrades for Vitality are useful, as they give you more health. And finally, unlocking new classes is always a good choice.

Rogue Legacy 2 Tips Castle Upgrades Arsenal Strength

House Rules is an option

Of all the tips for Rogue Legacy 2 that newcomers can learn from, this might be the most important. While the original game lacked accessibility, the sequel makes a very conscious effort to be welcoming to all players. Regardless of your background or situation, Rogue Legacy 2‘s House Rules mechanic makes it possible to enjoy playing the game.

House Rules are a set of accessibility features that make the game easier. There are a variety of sliders that can be used to strengthen yourself, weaken enemies, or make certain maneuvers easier to execute. If you’re struggling and getting frustrated, don’t be afraid to try these out. This is a single-player game, so you should be encouraged to take things at your own pace. House Rules even have options to make runs harder, so skilled players can use it to test their mettle.

Note: For more information, check out our Rogue Legacy 2 guides and features hub.

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