March 30th, 2017

Rome 2: Total War release date is sometime in 2013

It seems that last week’s rumours concerning the existence of Rome 2: Total War were true. The game’s developers, Creative Assembly, have confirmed that the game is due in 2013.

According to the studio, the game is focused on giving you the opportunity to change the course of history through a single player campaign that will allow you to set about taking over the world however you like – rather than how the Romans actually went about things.

Sea and land battles are no longer split into two distinct portions, with units able to disembark from ships and continue the fight on land. That’s exactly what you’ll have to do if you’re thinking about storming a coastal castle and/or town, for example.

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    • Davidtheslayer

      Sweet, sounds good, can’t wait for it. Pray they don’t release it in the state like Empire total war was.

    • Brian

      ive been waiting several years for this, they really should just stick to pre-gunpowder warfare, lends itself to playability much better.