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Nvidia seems to be full steam ahead with its RTX 30 Series marketing campaign now that the lineup is official and coming soon. The performance capabilities of the upcoming GPUs sound impressive enough on their own, but Nvidia has an added bonus to throw in. For a limited time, RTX 30 Series customers can receive a digital code for Watch Dogs: Legion and a year of premium service for GeForce Now. The offer is good through Nvidia, so if you’re looking to step up your graphics capabilities, this is your golden opportunity.

The fact that Nvidia already has a bundle for its fairly-priced RTX 30 Series is surprising, but certainly welcome. Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs series needs no introduction, as it’s been around since 2014. The latest entry pushes the limits of what’s possible though when it comes to hacking and recruiting freedom fighters. Legion is set in London, UK and features dystopian themes that should resonate with those familiar with George Orwell’s novels. Legion leans more towards the grunge/cyberpunk side of things, but the similarities are there. It should be an exciting open world to explore, and it looks beautiful.

Watch Dogs Legion


A new value king

Legion’s graphics will be demanding though, especially with ray tracing. The GeForce RTX 30 Series couldn’t arrive at a better time. Fortunately, even the $500 RTX 3070 should be more than enough to handle Watch Dogs: Legion. Nvidia compared its performance to that of a 2080 Ti, if not a little better. For $500 USD you would have to be out of your mind to say it’s not worth it with the bundle included.

Furthermore, the premium subscription for the GeForce Now cloud streaming service is nothing to scoff at either. For those unfamiliar, it’s one of the industry leaders in the new technology at the moment. The Founder’s membership typically costs $24.99 USD annually too, so it’s a nice freebie. However, the GeForce Now offer seems like more of a gimmick, because it doesn’t require a RTX 30 Series card to work. In fact, it doesn’t require a discrete GPU at all.

Nvidia Geforce Rtx 30 series 3080 Ampere graphics card

The service clearly states that it renders everything in Nvidia servers and then streams it to the local PC. The service is ideal for users without fancy hardware. What players need to run GeForce Now, is a stable, high-bandwidth internet connection. Not everyone has access to gigabit connections yet, so this offer could be generally pointless for some. If anything, Nvidia is just trying to get its new service out to new audiences, and this is a way of giving it more exposure.

All in all though, this RTX 30 Series deal is perfect for those looking to upgrade their GPU. The hardware will set a new standard for affordability and ray tracing viability once the market begins transition to it. We expect third party vendors and AMD will all try to match Nvidia to some extent. Keep a lookout for more deals coming soon.

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