Fortnite Search Farm For Clues

Fortnite Season 7 introduced the alien invasion to the battle royale. You can earn high-tier loot from entering the giant mothership, open cosmic chests with your squad, and more. As a part of the narrative, it appears that something peculiar is happening in Fortnite. It seems that some characters have gone missing, and the Week 4 challenges require you to be a detective. The first legendary Fortnite challenge asks you to search the farm for clues.

The farm that you need to visit to find the clues at is Steel Farm. The landmark is to the east of Corny Complex and there is a gas station nearby. There are a total of four clues dotted around the landmark, but you only need to find two. The clues themselves look like small magnifying glasses which will have a blue glow surrounding them.


Searching Steel Farm for clues in Fortnite

The first clue can be found by the red tractor which is situated within the crops. Following this, you will spot another magnifying glass under the trees that are behind the farm house. You can track down another clue by a pile of rocks which is at the base of the hill. Finally, if you navigate to the northern side of the river, you will find a clue next to a pile of wood.

Once you have successfully searched the farm for clues in Fortnite, you will earn 45,000 XP for your efforts. Therefore, the challenge is definitely worth completing as it will provide boost your battle pass significantly. It appears that the challenges this week could be hinting that something big is about to happen. Make sure to keep up with our Fortnite guides and features hub for more chances to earn some XP and stay tuned with the story as it unfolds.

Fortnite Search Farm For Clues

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