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Developer Scavengers Studio’s anticipated adventure game Season: A letter to the future will finally release on January 31. As one last little treat for fans waiting patiently for this release, the developers prepared a new story trailer for Season: A letter to the future that highlights a few of the characters you can come across in the adventure. Additionally, the trailer shows off more of the visually striking landscapes that impressed players as far back as The Game Awards 2020.

Those who closely followed Season will already know that its premise sees protagonist Estelle biking across landscapes before the end of the current season. Mysteriously, the characters see the season’s end as an almost cataclysmic event, one that threatens to “[wash] everything away.” Many of the game’s characters have their own personal struggles that relate to this upcoming seasonal change, so Estelle steps up to both aid and document them to make sure they aren’t forgotten.

Who are these characters?

The trailer introduces five of the characters Estelle can meet, with three of them receiving brief descriptions in a press release. One such character, a widow’s son named Kochi, “takes you on a bicycle tour of a valley,” which happens to take place a day before it floods. Another character, an artist named Maytora, creates sculptures that tell the story of this same valley, with Estelle serving as the sole witness of her final work of art. Finally, Easel, a monk left alone by his friends and teachers, waits for the seasonal change “with nothing to pray for until you arrive.”

This new Season: A letter to the future trailer should provide fans with one last dose of melancholy before the game arrives at the end of the month. You can pick it up and fully experience this melancholy for yourself on either Steam or the Epic Games Store for $24.99 USD.

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