Sega reveals Sonic2020 project, releasing Sonic info once every month

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Sega may be gearing up for some major Sonic announcements this year. Earlier today, the publisher unveiled the Sonic2020 project, an initiative that plans to drop new Sonic information once a month throughout 2020. Of course, a big reveal is merely speculation at this point. So far, it seems Sonic2020 is all about celebrating the ‘hog with official and fan art.

The project was announced at Sonic’s official Japanese site. Starting today, Sonic2020 will drop info and events once a month to “gain momentum ahead of [Sonic’s] 30th anniversary in 2021.” The first batch of goodies out the gate are a load of official Sonic art. You can drop by the page for some rather ugly and checkered wallpaper for your PC or mobile device. You can also grab a Twitter header or download icons/avatars featuring Sonic and his many background character friends — most whose names escape me.

The Sonic2020 celebration could be leading to a new game reveal. It’s been about three years since we had a major Sonic outing, after all. Both the fantastic Sonic Mania and the, um, other game Sonic Forces released in 2017. Sega and Sonic Team could be preparing to announce the next big outing. Will it be another Mania-like 2D adventure? Or will we be disappointed? Time will tell.

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Hollywood sprint

There are, at least, some guaranteed Sonic hijinks happening this year. After a delay to “fix” the design of Sonic’s previous child-scarring look for his upcoming movie, the film is on track to release on February 14. The initial release date was November of last year, but fans didn’t take to the look of Sega’s furry blue mascot all that well. But at least the memes were kinda funny.

We don’t know what else is in store for the Sonic2020 project, but you can probably lend a hand. Sega is asking for fans to upload their least creepy best Sonic fan art to its Sonic Channel. You may need to know a little Japanese.

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