Should you kill or spare Tomisar in Starfield?

Starfield Tomisar Smirking Insultingly Divided Loyalties
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As you roam the stars in Starfield, you needn’t adventure alone. Starting early in your adventure, you can bring along a companion. As you spend more time with them, their concerns become your own. Andreja is one of the more conflicted of those characters, largely because of the influence a man named Tomisar has had on her life. When you finally meet him, you have good reason to wonder: Should you kill or spare Tomisar in Starfield?

Should you kill or spare Tomisar?

You finally meet Tomisar near the end of the Divided Loyalties mission, which you access while you get to know Andreja more intimately. She is deeply religious, and her faith owes a lot to Tomisar. However, the man has clearly done her wrong. When the two finally reunite, Andreja is still reeling from the knowledge of what her one-time mentor has done. It’s up to you to decide whether you should kill or spare Tomisar.

Starfield Tomisar Finds You Insolent Divided Loyalties Mission

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When you confront Tomisar at the end of the Divided Loyalties mission, the choice you make doesn’t affect much. You have three options: You can spare Tomisar, kill Tomisar yourself, or let Andreja kill him. The biggest difference between each option is the resulting discussion with Andreja, but you can romance her no matter what (see our guide detailing how to romance Andreja if you need help with that).

If you elect to spare Tomisar, he talks tough and Andreja offers a mild retort. I chose this approach myself, simply because I felt it was most consistent with Andreja’s pacifist nature. I didn’t want to kill Tomisar, or let her kill him only for her to regret that course of action.

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If you kill Tomisar, or if Andreja does, make sure to loot his corpse. You can acquire Tomisar’s Outfit. The gear doesn’t seem to be especially valuable. Unless I find some other factor to consider at a later date, I suggest choosing the option you feel suits the situation and the characters from a narrative perspective.

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