Shovel Knight developer to share ‘groundbreaking announcement’ on G4 next week

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To this day, Shovel Knight remains one of the most impressive indie efforts to have ever graced the indie market. And as it turns out, The esteemed Shovel Knight developer may reveal one of those new projects soon, as the studio teased a “groundbreaking announcement” that it will share on G4’s Twitch channel. The base game already provides a more than worthwhile experience by itself, but developer Yacht Club Games then went on to make three additional, fully-fledged campaigns

Shovel Knight also got a Smash Bros.-style battle mode, and every mode remains free of charge for those who bought the standard release. Needless to say, the ways in which Yacht Club Games handled the release of Shovel Knight earned it plenty of goodwill from fans, and this has led to the studio pursuing and involving itself with all kinds of new projects.


What can we expect to see?

According to Yacht Club Games, players can expect to hear this news while watching G4’s Xplay show on February 1 at 5 PM ET. During this time, Yacht Club will reveal all kinds of new information, which include new updates, DLC, gameplay sneak peeks, and the aforementioned mega announcement. It looks like Yacht Club aims to pull out all the stops with this presentation, as it even plans on bringing over popular internet personalities, namely Arin Hanson of “Game Grumps” fame and Alpharad, as special guests. Of course, internet personalities are far from the most significant thing to anticipate in a presentation like this, but fans of these individuals will likely get a kick out of seeing them.

Considering how much Yacht Club has hyped this presentation up, one can only wonder what the studio has in store for us. The studio’s mega announcement may have something to do with Shovel Knight, or it could involve a new IP entirely. Either way, we will all find out very soon.

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