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The Silent Hill showcase is set to air later today. After years of waiting for news on what’s next for the franchise, all questions are about to be put to rest. But as always with long-kept secrets, the answer usually gets out there before the time comes. And this is exactly what seems to have happened earlier today, as the contents of the Silent Hill showcase have seemingly leaked.

It’s always a bit annoying to see surprises spoiled, but most of what we know isn’t a shock at this point. But in terms of how the Silent Hill showcase content got leaked, it’s rather silly. The description on the YouTube page for the Silent Hill Transmission included a placeholder title for Silent Hill 2 on the PlayStation store. This is already fairly damning evidence of a Silent Hill 2 remake or remaster. However, more titles were found buried in the embed code on the video.


The titles in the embed code include Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill: Ascension, and Return to Silent Hill. Ascension could potentially be the leaked Silent Hill game we saw earlier in the year. But it’s unclear what Return to Silent Hill is for now. It could be the film that Christophe Gans had spoken about before. That’s something we’ll need confirmation on later today, though. It’s also worth noting that there doesn’t seem to be any mention of Silent Hill: The Short Message. This doesn’t necessarily debunk its existence but could mean it’ll be shown at a later date.

Silent Hill Showcase Leaked

The Silent Hill showcase is imminent

We’ve had questions regarding Silent Hill‘s future for some time. But later today we should have most, if not all, of the answers we’ve been waiting for. That’s if the leaked content of the Silent Hill showcase is indeed what will be there. This is a franchise that lost its chance to return to the limelight a long time ago. Only time will tell if Konami and the developers involved can create something to draw in fans both new and old.

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