Overwatch 2 Sojourn Origin Story

Sojourn slides onto the scene in brand new Overwatch 2 gameplay trailer

Radiating with Canadian hospitality.

Overwatch 2 is pushing the gas on news after an extended period of silence and lack of information. We got some background information on Sojourn just the other day, previewing her origins and giving us a glimpse at the identity of Vivian Chase. Now, we have a full gameplay trailer for Sojourn, which shows off  her combat abilities in Overwatch 2. She slips and slides while shooting her cybernetic gun in the trailer, and it’s a sign that Overwatch is truly coming back.

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Sojourn is a skilled gunslinger, shooting off bullets bringing her foes down. Her weapon is somewhat reminiscent of Soldier 76’s gun. The most exciting thing about Sojourn is her new slide ability, which gives her tons of movement in a way we haven’t really seen in Overwatch before, bringing her some evasiveness and power. The trailer shows her sliding underneath a Genji as he uses his ultimate ability in a very cool evasive action.


A brand new Overwatch hero

The hero brimming with “Canadian hospitality” also seems to have some sort of laser-beam-slash-railgun ability that pierces through targets and deals major damage. (You can see this ability after she slides under Genji and blasts him with her weapon.) She even has a cool slowing ability that seems to function as a mini-Zarya ult. It somewhat gathers enemies and pulls them together.

You can try out Sojourn and her new flashy abilities in the upcoming Overwatch 2 beta. If you’ve signed up and were selected for the betatest, you’ll be able to try out this new hero on April 26. Applicants will be chosen based on their sign-up date and Battle.net region, but it may be best to keep your expectations in check all the same. If you’re desperate for some more Sojourn content, she also got an origin story trailer. Meanwhile, check out the gameplay trailer below.

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