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Sonic Central 2022 has wrapped, with Sega showing off what’s to come with its famous mascot franchise within the next year. Running at 10 minutes, presenters were quick to get to each little clip. And little clips are what we got. Sega didn’t announce anything surprising this time around. There’s no Sonic Generations: Ultimate coming our way, friends. Instead, Sonic Central gave us brief glimpses of upcoming projects like Sonic Frontiers and Sonic Prime. Oh, and a whole lot of merchandise.

Sega wisely stuck its Sonic Frontiers clip near the end of the Sonic Central show. Coming in at around 10 seconds long, Sega showed off what looks to be another massive boss battle. Except this time, it looked pretty fantastic. Sonic faces larger-than-life enemies in the game, which you must defeat in the style of the Blue Blur. Last week’s teaser trailer showed a beast with lengthy arms for Sonic to run up before attacking a weak point.


It was fairly standard as Sonic bosses go. But this time, we see Sonic running along a winding platform created by the boss, with twists, turns, and loops. It made full use of Sonic Frontier‘s open world, flying over the green hills and creating a loop de loop with a bridge. It’s exactly the kind of boss fight I want to see in an open-world Sonic adventure.

Sonic Frontiers & Knuckles

Sonic Central also revealed a Sonic Frontiers Prologue, an animated special starring Knuckles. It was only a few seconds long but featured Knuckles once more standing guard in front of the Master Emerald. The rain-swept area itself is reminiscent of the Emerald’s resting place in Sonic Adventure. The special is scheduled to arrive before the launch of the game.

Moving on, Sonic is taking part in some collaborations. In August, skins for Knuckles, Tails, and Sonic will be available for the cutesy battle royale, Fall Guys, which goes free to play on June 21. A ‘Sonic Speed Simulator’ is coming to Roblox on June 11, along with an unlockable Amy Chao. The Sonic mobile games are getting some movie tie-in characters, along with Super Shadow, Mephiles, and Sir Percival.

Sonic Central 2022 Clips Frontiers Prime 2

Sonic Frontiers – Prologue is an animated short starring Knuckles, and it’ll be out before the game.

Sonic Central provided another, exceptionally brief gander at Netflix’s Sonic Prime. The clip shows off a Green Hills-like area, before revealing that Shadow will be in the show. Netflix’s Geeked Week is happening all week, so more information could be around the bend.

But forget all that, let’s talk merchandising. Sega revealed Knuckles G-Fuel, new toys, a Razer Sonic controller, clothing, statues, and prints for sale. If you don’t have enough useless Sonic paraphernalia, then Sega has you covered (with a new shirt, no less).

Finally, the Sonic Symphony is returning! What’s more exciting, however, is that the symphony is going on tour. Dates for the show will be revealed soon.

And that about wraps things up. As mentioned, the show was a relatively calm one with no major surprises in store. More info on Sonic Frontiers is happening this month, however, so stay tuned.

Sonic Central 2022 Clips Frontiers Prime 1

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