Spellbreak Duos Mode And New Content

Spellbreak is getting its duos mode today at 10 AM ET. The game launched with just a squad mode, but has since added solos. The Design Director of Spellbreak revealed the new mode is arriving in a Reddit post over the weekend. The post also told players to check out the making of Spellbreak video that would be released during PAX Online because it had some teasers for new content coming soon to the magical battle royale.

You can watch the entire hour-long video titled Behind the Gauntlet if you’d like to see how the Proletariat team created Spellbreak. However, the exciting stuff is right at the end where the developer shows off some clips of new cosmetics, map changes, and an entirely new, non-battle royale mode. The new content reveal begins at 59:13 in the video below.

New outfits

The outfits players have seen in the store since Spellbreak launched haven’t been particularly inspiring. They were mostly re-colors of the existing in-game skins. However, the five outfits revealed in the making Spellbreak video are far more elaborate and unique. There’s the Exquisite Aerialist, Time Folder, Candy-Coated Conjurer, Fashion Witch, and the Dearly Departed.

Changes to the Hollow Lands

It looks like the Spellbreak map, the Hollow Lands, will be constantly updated during the game’s life. These will be made for improvements to the map, but also to give players fresh terrain to battle in. Hopefully, Proletariat decides to take a similar route to Fortnite and creates map changing events. In the Spellbreak video, the developer teased changes to the foggy bog.

Hollow Lands Changes In Bog

Clash Mode

The final piece of Spellbreak new content that was revealed is the 9v9 team battle called Clash Mode. From the brief clip, it looks like players will battle in an area of the Hollow Lands until one team scores enough kills. If you die, you are respawned to fight again.

I suspect you will drop into this mode with a loadout already equipped. However, racking up kills may earn your better quality gear.

Spellbreak Clash Mode

If you haven’t decided if Spellbreak is worth your time yet, you can check out our review of the fast-paced, high-flying battle royale. I’m a big fan and would recommend it to anyone. It’s free-to-play too, so you don’t have to invest a cent to try it out. If you have been playing Spellbreak and would like some pointers, you can check out our guides on the best class, best Runes, and best Talents to help you get a win, as well as some general tips to help you improve.

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