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Respawn Entertainments’ second galactic Star Wars adventure following Cal Kestis contains plenty to see and do. Where Jedi: Fallen Order presented a more linear explorable world, Jedi: Survivor opens up large areas with plenty of secrets waiting to be found. Our Star Wars Jedi: Survivor hub covers guides, walkthroughs, locations for secrets and collectibles, and answers to common questions to help get you through.

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Outside of the main storyline, Respawn significantly scaled up the number of secret areas, traversal sections, puzzles, and discoverable bosses. We’ve dedicated plenty of guides to finding and solving these challenges, making Cal look the way you want, and maxing out his abilities. New and returning players likely have many questions as to how the sequel differs from the original, so we’ve answered common questions, too. Lastly, there are some articles on common technical issues, menu-related topics, performance optimizations, and accessibility features.

Jedi: Survivor guides and walkthroughs

Regarding the content diversity for what you can do and collect in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, we’ve organized the guides and walkthroughs into sections for easier navigation.

Getting started

If you’re new to Respawn’s Jedi series, check out these primer guides on how to play. Returning players will also benefit from learning what’s new in the sequel.

How to use Force powers – This primer explains how to make use of Cal’s different abilities.

How to switch between lightsaber combat styles – The number of combat styles in Jedi: Survivor expands up to five, providing plenty of ways to combat different enemies to your liking.

All mounts – speeders, gliders, and animals – New methods of traversal allow Cal to explore worlds and these are all of the

How to unlock the blaster gun – One of the new combat styles let Cal wield a blaster along with his lightsaber. Here is how and when you’re able to get it.

How to unlock the Crossguard lightsaber – Wield a Crossguard lightsaber just like Kylo Ren. Here’s how and when you’re able to get it.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Where To Find Get All Mountain Ascent Locations Collectibles Chest Priorite

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Side quests and locations

We’ve identified common challenges in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and created these guides and walkthroughs to make things up for you. These guides relate to side quests, puzzles, collectibles, mini-games, and other specific challenges.

How to solve the Chamber of Reason puzzle – Various Jedi puzzle vaults on Koboh hold collectibles within. Here’s how to solve the puzzle at this location.

How to solve Trailhead Pantheon Puzzle – You’ll need to solve this environmental puzzle to reach the Sanctuary temple on Jedha.

How to solve Path of Conviction puzzle – Those pursuing Eno Cordova’s research must solve this puzzle to reach the top of this ruin. It also leads to a Desert Ridge chest.

How to open and exit the Moldy Depths – This underground location holds some collectibles and a unique puzzle that requires a specific solution.

How to unlock the Jukebox – Populate the airwaves with the galactic jams in Pyloon’s Saloon by finding this DJ duo and inviting them to perform.

How to find the Gorge’s Secret – This guide leads you to a secret area in one of the gorges near where you first land on Koboh.

All Seed Pod locations – Gardeners will fancy this guide on where to find all the unique plant species as they sew exotic flora on the rooftop of Pyloon’s Saloon.

How to beat Caij in Holotactics – You need to beat Caij in this mini-game to get a Bounty Puck. It’s not easy, but this strategy will help you through.

How to beat Tulakt in Holotactics – Tulakt is another challenging combatant in the Holotactics mini-game. Use this strategy to beat them and get the reward.

All 18 Bounty Puck locations – Bounty hunters ambush Cal throughout the galaxy and slaying them allows you to recover Pucks which you can redeem with Caij for rewards.

How to beat Rick the Door Technician – This intimidating Stormtrooper blocks Cal’s progress during a mission and won’t go down without a fight.

All Jedah Desert Ridge chest locations – It’s not easy to figure out how to get all the different collectibles, so use this walkthrough to make things easy.

All Jedah Sanctuary temple collectible locations – The temple contains a few collectibles that are easy to miss during your first playthrough, so here are all the locations.

All Jedah Arid Flats collectible locations – This area contains a huge number of hidden and difficult-to-reach collectibles and this guide explains how and where to get everything.

Where to find the Koboh Rift Passage chest – There’s a cavern off the main path of the Basalt Forest which contains a special access chest. Here’s how to find and open it.

All Koboh Rambler’s Reach Outpost Priorite Shard locations – You’ll need plenty of Priorite to buy cosmetics at Doma’s Shop at Rambler’s Reach. Get these nearby Priorite Shards for spending.

All Koboh Loading Gantry collectible locations – The exposed infrastructure of the crashed Lucrehulk ship holds secrets among the wreckage and inner chambers.

How to find all Koboh Mountain Ascent collectibles – Grab these collectibles while passing through this area on your way up the mountain on Koboh.

Koboh Foothill Falls chest puzzle solution – There’s a gold chest locked up within a shack at Foothill Falls which requires some clever thinking and parkour skills to access.

All Coruscant collectible locations – Grab what you can the first time through, or return to Coruscant later to find all 100% of the collectibles with this guide.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor How To Unlock Crossguard Lightsaber Get Find Where Stance

How to get cosmetics

Some cosmetics are easy to find, while others require a bit of effort. Our guides will help you unlock the most popular cosmetic options and explain different cosmetic options. You can also find more info in our collectible guides on where to get more.

All lightsaber colors – Find the right look for Cal’s lightsaber blade among many options.

How to get all beard and hair options – Customize Cal’s look with everything from mullets to Anakin’s style in Revenge of the Sith.

How to get the Duelist Jacket – This outfit is convenient and easy to get if you’d like to switch out Cal’s default attire early in the story.

How to get colors for the Duelist Outfit – Here’s how to get more styles for the Duelist outfit for a tailored look.

How to get the Jedi Outfit – Get into some Jedi garb with this guide.

How to get the Exile Jacket – This jacket offers a striking look for those who want to look like stylish Force users.

How to get colors for the Exile Jacket – Acquire bold color patterns for this already sleek outfit.

How to get colors for the Commander Outfit – The Commander Outfit itself is easy enough to find, but here’s how to make it look much cooler.

How to get colors for the Wanderer Outfit – Here’s where to unlock color options for the Wanderer Outfit.

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Jedi: Survivor features and common questions

Check out some of these guides before you play, or if you’re just getting started.

Where does Jedi: Survivor take place in the timeline? – For those unfamiliar with the franchise or wandering what’s changed since Jedi: Fallen Order.

Do you need to play Jedi: Fallen Order to play Jedi: Survivor? – Here are our thoughts on if you can jump into the sequel without playing the first game.

How many planets are in Jedi: Survivor? – Find some answers regarding the scale of Cal’s sequel adventure and what new and iconic locations await.

Can you embrace the Dark Side? – Fear not, because we have the answer regarding this forbidden knowledge.

Is Jedi: Survivor on Xbox Game Pass? – Plenty of gamers use Game Pass these days, in part due to the regular Day One releases.

Is Star Wars Jedi: Survivor open world? – Open-world games are apparently all the rage these days, but Respawn took a different approach to this grand adventure.

Does Jedi: Survivor have multiplayer or co-op? – Lightsaber battles are great and co-op is always a good time with friends, but do either suit this game?

Do you need an EA account to play? – As an EA title, Jedi: Survivor falls with the company’s EULA and this answers if that includes creating an EA account.

Can you change the second lightsaber color? – Cal has the option to dual wield and use double-bladed lightsabers, so questions regarding mixing and matching different colors was inevitable.

Cal Fighting A Beast on Koboh

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Menus, settings, and technical issues

What are the difficulty setting differences? – Many liken Respawn’s Star Wars: Jedi series to Dark Souls, and you can bet there are some serious differences between easy and hard mode.

List of accessibility options revealed – Everyone deserves a positive experience and this is what EA’s done for accessibility in this adventure.

Best controller settings and keybind recommendations – The default inputs benefit from a few tweaks that make everything easier to control, particularly on higher difficulties.

How to use Photo Mode – This guide introduces you to the in-game photo toolset so that you can start taking your best screenshots.

How to fix broken HDR on PS5 and Xbox – Subsequent patches have reportedly solved these issues, but these methods provided workarounds and fixes at launch.

How to fix stuttering issues – Stutters are a gamer’s worst nightmare, and Jedi: Survivor launched with plenty of issues. Here’s how to mitigate stutters.

How to improve low fps – Follow our optimized settings guide and advice to get more fps and improve the gameplay experience.

How to fix the unpacking error – This error relates to issues with downloading the game and updates.

That’s it for our guides and walkthrough coverage of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. This adventure is packed with dense levels full of secrets, so more will likely emerge in the months ahead as players comb every square inch of the explorable galaxy.

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