Starfield Shattered Space – Everything we know about the DLC story expansion so far

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The larger-than-life universe of Starfield is going to get even larger in the future as Bethesda has already confirmed the first DLC for Starfield, called Shattered Space, back in their July 2023 deep-dive. The 2023 space epic is already jam-packed with interesting missions, fulfilling side quests, and a smorgasbord of weapons & items so it’s exciting to look forward to what Bethesda has to offer next. Here’s the rundown of everything announced about the Shattered Space DLC to date:

Starfield Shattered Space release date

The developers have not yet announced a release date for Shattered Space, but we know Bethesda tends to release the first DLC for their games around six months after the release of the base game. This was the case for Fallout 4’s Automatron add-on which came out five months after the post-apocalyptic RPG was released. Assuming Starfield will go the same route, which is likely, we can speculate that the Shattered Space expansion will be available somewhere around March 2024.

How to get Starfield Shattered Space DLC

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The Shattered Space DLC is one of the bonus items that will be received by those who bought either the Premium Edition or Constellation Edition of Starfield. Unfortunately, It is not included in the Xbox Game Pass version of Starfield. For now, players on Game Pass will have to fork out $35 to upgrade to the Premium Edition in order to play the DLC when it releases.

Shattered Space DLC details

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There is no confirmation yet as to what exactly the Shattered Space expansion will bring to the table, but there are some signs upon which we can speculate. Firstly, the DLC is being touted as a “story” expansion. We can garner this means we’ll receive quite a few quests that could expand upon the main story.

They could also, I hope, mainly focus on moving one of the many story branches of Starfield further and letting them blossom. Some examples include the opposing factions of the UC and the Freestar Collective or fleshing out the House Va’ruun. This could also pave the way for new faction-specific weapons and spacesuits to be introduced. As we mentioned, this has not been confirmed by Bethesda yet but are mere predictions on what we can expect based on what has been seen in the past with DLCs of this sort. With no official release date underway for the Starfield Shattered Space DLC, it seems there’s still some time to kill. No matter, there’s still a whole universe out there to discover and make your own.

Starfield is available on Xbox and PC.

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