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Starfield features five main factions, which players can become a member of and carry out some extra missions. Each faction in Starfield holds a specific significance in the storyline of the game. Players will also be assigned different kinds of missions after becoming a member of each of these factions. Moreover, players can join any of these factions at any point in the game, completely based on their will. The process of joining all of the factions of Starfield might be a bit complex if you don’t exactly know how to. Starfield also does not brief the players on how to join all the factions, so it’s left mostly for exploration. In this guide, we will show you how to join all the major factions of Starfield.


Starfield Sarah Morgan

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Constellation is a group of space explorers who work together to discover the secrets of the Settled Systems. They travel from planet to planet to collect Artifacts. The group comprises notable space researchers and scientists whose only aim is to explore the mysteries of space.

Joining Constellation is a very easy process. You will automatically become a member of this faction if you follow the main storyline. As you reach the Lodge area in New Atlantis, you will meet Sarah Morgan, the leader of this faction. After interacting with Sarah, she will assign you to ‘The Old Neighbourhood’ quest, and through this quest, you will also become a member of this faction.

UC Vanguard

Starfield Approaching Tuala In Uc Vanguard Building In New Atlantis

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UC Vanguard is mainly the faction affiliated with all the political and military activities of the game. After joining them, you will mostly be assigned missions to save the Settled Systems from terrifying, monstrous creatures. The United Colonies comprises different colonies from the Settled Systems, who have a not-so-good past with the Freestar Rangers.

To join UC Vanguard, head over to the faction’s MAST HQ. Here, you will find John Tuala, the commander of the UC Vanguard. After interacting with Tuala, let him know about your interest in joining the faction. He will then assign you to take a flight test. Follow the objective marker to reach the test center. You will become a member of the UC Vanguard faction after successfully passing the flight test.

Crimson Fleet

Starfield Talking To Delgado And Joining Crimson Fleet

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Crimson Fleet is the only faction in Starfield that works to create chaos around the Settled Systems. This is a group of evil space pirates involved with many crimes like murder, extortion, smuggling, and more. If you want to become a member of Crimson Fleet, prepare yourself to get your hands dirty while working for this faction.

In order to become a member of Crimson Fleet, you must first unlock the Deep Cover mission. This can be done by first becoming a UC Vanguard faction member. Or, you can also commit a crime in the UC-controlled areas and get arrested by them. Either way, the UC will send you on an undercover mission to infiltrate the Crimson Fleet. Although there is no direct sign-up procedure to become a member of the Crimson Fleet, like the ones to join all other factions in Starfield, you can show your allegiance to the faction by making decisions in their favor while working as an undercover agent for the UC SysDef.

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Ryujin Industries

Starfield Ryujin Industries Survey Kiosk In New Atlantis

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The Ryujin Industries faction is a big corporation based on the planet Neon. They mainly focus on expanding their business while competing with the other corporations present in Starfield.  This large corporation operates in almost all Starfield systems, making them the biggest business tycoons of the game.

To join Ryujin Industries, head over to GalBank in New Atlantis. Here, you will find a red kiosk set up by the Ryujin Industries. By interacting with the kiosk, you can apply to join the faction. After submitting the application, you will be called to the Headquarters of the faction in Neon and interviewed by Imelde, the faction’s leader. Once you pass the interview, you will join the Ryujin Industries faction.

Freestar Rangers

Starfield Meeting An Npc In The Freestar Colletive

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Freestar Rangers are another similar faction to the UC Vanguard but are undoubtedly much weaker than the UC. They work to maintain law and order in the areas where the UC Vanguard is not in control.

While in Akila City, you will be assigned to the mission ‘Job Gone Wrong.’ In the middle of this mission, you will be approached by a Ranger to help him stop a bank heist situation. If you manage to take the situation under control, he will send you to Emma Wilcox at The Rock bar in Akila City. Now, head over to the bar, and you will find her sitting at a counter. Express your interest in joining the faction after interacting with her. Emma will give you a list of bounty missions. Select any one and complete the mission to become a member of the Freestar Rangers.

Starfield: All minor factions

There are also a lot of minor factions present in Starfield. These factions have no mentionable significance in the storyline of the game. There are also no such specific ways to join these factions. However, you might have some small missions related to these factions while progressing through Starfield. Here is a list of all the minor factions in Starfield:

  • Ecliptic Mercenaries
  • Enlightened
  • Sanctum Universum
  • Spacers
  • Va’ruun Zealots
  • Xenofresh Corporation

Here are all the ways to join all the factions of Starfield. Starfield is available now via Xbox Game Store and Game Pass.

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