Stealthy Starfield player uses powers and weapons to turn Starfield into Dishonored

Starfield Dishonored Player Build
Screenshot: Bethesda

Starfield gives its players a lot of stealth tools, and one player has used them all to make the game play like Dishonored. By combining the best powers, weapons, skills, and armor, this player has made Starfield look like Dishonored in space.

Note: Knowing and using the best powers is essential to making a Dishonored build in Starfield.

How to make a Dishonored build in Starfield

If you’re unfamiliar with Dishonored, it’s a game series that allows you to play as a stealthy assassin with powers. The Dishonored games are incredibly good, and a Starfield player has cracked the code to make Starfield look and feel like Dishonored.

Though the Dishonored series isn’t created by Bethesda, it’s created by Arkane Studios and is published by Bethesda, so it has the same RPG trappings and flavors of a Bethesda game but with more emphasis on action. I personally love the Dishonored games (and low-key think they are better than Starfield), and watching this player recreate Dishonored in Starfield brings me a lot of joy.

Enough foreboding — the aforementioned player goes by benjamin_withers on TikTok and his Starfield gameplay looks and feels exactly like Dishonored in space. This montage literally looks like a trailer because of how clean and smooth it is. My personal favorite part is when he blinks through the air and lands on an enemy, all while nobody knows he’s there. Watch the video for yourself!

This guy is playing dishonored while we’re all playing starfield.
byu/The9Volt inStarfield

Benjamin_withers uses suppressed pistols and melee weapons, armor that makes him invisible (likely the Mantis armor), and the Gravity Wave, Sense Star Stuff, and Grav Dash powers which, when expertly combined, create a very Dishonored-esque Starfield experience.

If you feel inspired by benjamin_withers’ impression Dishonored-esque stealth montage, we’ve got the key to making the best stealth build and how to add suppressors to any weapon. Those two components are necessary for making Starfield play like Dishonored.

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