Steam Autumn Sale 2022 Hitman 3

The Steam Autumn Sale for 2022 has gone live, bringing a ton of discounts to games new and old. As always, this is a perfect chance to snatch up games at low prices. And if you’ve missed out on any of this year’s big releases, then this is the best time to grab them. Valve has also made a short trailer that shows off a small collection of titles that have price cuts. Act quickly, though, as you’ve got until November 29 to make the most of the deals.

Alongside the slew of deals for the Steam Autumn Sale 2022, players can also nominate games for the Steam Awards. There’s the usual Game of the Year award to win, but also some more unique ones, too. The Labor of Love award is geared towards games that have received lots of updates from developers, for example. So if you want to support your favorite games, be sure to cast your votes in when the sale goes live.

Steam Autumn Sale discounts

The Steam Autumn Sale has a few big deals going on today. In fact, some of this year’s bigger titles are featured in the sale. This includes Stray, the futuristic feline adventure that’s also set to appear at The Game Awards 2022. There’s also the vampire-themed survival game V Rising, which is still in Early Access for now.

You can also grab some big games that came out over the last few years. Hitman 3 is going on sale as well, and with its Freelancer mode set to come out next year, grabbing it now wouldn’t be a bad idea. Cyberpunk 2077 will be on sale too, and if the game’s rocky launch put you off before, you can give it a go for a bit cheaper now.

There are going to be hundreds of discounted games at the Steam Autumn Sale 2022. So if you’ve got any games collecting dust on your wishlist, be sure to see if they’re discounted. Steam Deck users may also want to add some new games to their library this week. Hades would be a particularly great game to have on a handheld system.

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