Steam Halloween sale slashes prices, throats … mostly prices

steam halloween sale

The most adorable ghosts.

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From now until 3 November (at 10am Pacific US time,) Steam has cut, maimed and dismembered the prices on some of its spookier, horror-type games. There’s also money off some of the tangentially related games like Specs Ops: The Line (down to just over $5.00 USD in the US) because, you know, the horrors of war.

Steam’s slightly annoying multi-page presentation of the sale can be a bit awkward to navigate, so if you want to see a huge list of all the games with money off on a single page the SteamDb site has you covered. You can search by highest discount, or even Metacritic score if you want to see which is the most critically acclaimed game on sale right now (it’s System Shock 2.)

There are lots of others. Fallout 3, Dead Space 2, The Swapper, The Witcher 2. I’m just listing games now. Costume Quest 2 is half off ($7.50 USD) and that only just came out a few weeks back.

Anyway, check your respective wishlists because something you’ve been planning on buying may be reduced in price, even if it’s not strictly Halloween related.

Once again, Gaben’s ghoulish gallery of games will return to their normal prices on 3 November at whenever 10am Pacific is in your timezone (I think that’ll be about 5pm UK time.)

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