Steam Next Fest October

The long-awaited Steam Next Fest is on the way, and it’s dropping a ton of new games with it. This event is a celebration of games, with developers working with Steam to provide hundreds of demos to play and live streams to watch.

The October Steam Next Fest kicks off on October 1 at 1PM EST, ending on October 7.  The last Steam Next Fest wasn’t long ago, dropping in June soon after the Steam Game Summer Festival. That event included over 700 demos and live streams, including the recently released I Am Fish and the ever-exciting Lawn Mowing Simulator. It’s a great showcase for independent games that may not necessarily see as much fanfare compared to a game like Deathloop. There’s always a hidden gem to find.


Free for all

There’s always a live stream you can watch or a demo to play, so you’ll probably be a little busy in the upcoming days of this gaming festival. Developers host live streams for their games, allowing them to interact with fans and answer questions about their upcoming games. Some of the games you can expect to see are the Metroidvania-like Airhead, or the cute action-adventure game Tunic featuring a tiny fox. One game that caught my eye in particular was Biwar Legend of Dragon Slayer, which looks like a solid adventure game with a unique setting. Even No Man Sky developer Hello Games seems to be showcasing their upcoming game, The Last Campfire.

The the gaming festival should be Steam Halloween Sale at the end of October, so the month of spooks and ghouls is bound to be a very busy month for Steam fans. This is a great opportunity to discover some diamonds in the rough, to be sure to set a reminder for when the Steam Next Fest begins.

Steam Next Fest Tunic

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