Age of Wonders 3 Hell Hound

    About as “PC game” as it gets.

    As England toil to a scoreless half-time against Costa Rica, the Steam Summer Sale rumbles on. If you’re trying to get away from the World Cup entirely then first of all this post probably hasn’t really helped, sorry, but at least you can be assured of a cheap, compelling game or two.

    There’s an air of classic, PC-centric genres about the better deals today. Fantasy-themed 4x Age of Wonders 3 has an impressive pedigree, and the latest in the series has been well received, not least by our review. It’s half off today ($20.00 USD,) not too long after its release. That’s becoming a bit of theme in this sale.

    For some even more specific hex-based tactical combat, Blackguards is what you need. It may eventually outstay its welcome and the Dark Eye rule-set takes some getting used to, but I was surprised by the spry inventiveness of this title. You can pick that one up for $14.00.

    If you didn’t already grab Skyrim at some stage, Fallout: New Vegas’ ‘Ultimate Edition’ is a terrific way to get hold of about 300 hours-worth of post-apocalyptic, first person RPG-ing. This set includes all the (rather excellent) DLC expansions for under $7.00.

    A nod too in the direction of Murdered: Soul Suspect which I know very little about (besides the fact you can possess cats,) but is another very recent release that already has 33% off.

    Current Flash sales (gone in eight hours or so) include the Wang-happy Shadow Warrior ($8.00) which Tim rather liked, and guaranteed good time (as long as you have nearby friends) Nidhogg at a little over $5.00.

    There’s also Kentucky Route Zero in the current Community Choice line-up. You should spend $12.50 on this if you’d like to see videogames approach the status of literature. You should not spend $12.50 on it if unfinished episodic games annoy you (it’s at 3/5 right now.)

    As expected, the Blues won the Bonus Adventure Game yesterday. So that’s one win for each colour so far. Let’s see what happens today.


    Peter Parrish

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