That glimmer in Gabe Newell’s eye can only mean one thing; the Steam Summer Sale 2016 is under way. If you have a problem (a lack of PC games). If no-one else can help (you to buy more Steam games). Then maybe you should call (click): the Steam Summer Sale.

The patented Valve sale format has changed a few times over the past few years. For this latest sales event, they seem to be sticking to their more straightforward model. No ‘Daily Deals’ or ‘Flash sale’ stuff; it looks like everything that’s on sale right now will be at that price, and remain so, until 10am (Pacific) on 4 July when the sale ends.

That means the old advice of “wait for a daily deal on games you’re interested in!” no longer applies.

The Winter Sale system of rewarding customers with sale-themed trading cards for looking at games in their discovery queues is back again, so Valve obviously noticed a correlation between incentivising people to do that and game sales. There doesn’t seem to be an associated meta-game this time, unless that just hasn’t appeared yet.

As usual when the Steam Summer Sale launches, their servers are under tremendous strain and sales deals might take a while to actually update. Wishlists, for example, are notorious for taking a while to accurately reflect the new prices.

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